My name is Svetoslav T. Ivanov

I discovered the digital arts in year 1996, dedicating myself to the mastering and expementing with various means of expresion and technologies. I work in the area of the digital advertising and prepress since the middle of 2000.

During the years I specialised in Web and Graphical and Logo Design, Animation, Photography, Retouching, HTML, CSS and jQuery programming.

The core idea of my site is to present part of the projects, which I have been participating in during last years as well as finding new friends and workmates.
Svetoslav T. Ivanov – STIdesigner web site
Web, graphic and logo design. Art and Advertising Photography. Retouch photos and images.

My top web design projects

Angelus Estate – projects for web site design and coding

Hotel Capitol – projects for web site design, coding and photo session

La Gourmandina – projects for responsive wordpress web site design

Koox Diving – projects for responsive web site design

Zoo Cars Tunning – projects for web site

MoChapp – projects for web site and photo session

My top logos design projects

My top graphical design projects